A brand with a purpose.

In a world of fast fashion and mindless consumption, Ocean Born brings some fresh air with its quest for quality and purpose.

100% for the oceans.

All Ocean Born products aim to lead towards a way of life which is coherent with the reality in which we live. With high value products and  higher goals, Ocean Born does not only promote sustainable habits, but it destines 100% of profits to ocean conservation and cleanup projects through The Ocean Born Foundation. 

— What makes Ocean Born Lifestyle different —

100% of profits for our oceans.

That’s right, 100%. Ocean Born Lifestile commits all profits to  ocean conservation and clean-up projects through The Ocean Born Foundation.

Sustainability first.

All Ocean Born products are made and picked with sustainability in mind to minimize our footprint on the environment in our quest to be a mindfull and 100% sustainable brand.

Quality, design, expertise.

Made-to-last high quality and stylish products made with care, love, and the advice and colaboration of industry experts to avoid the fast fashion cycle.

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