Slow Fashion

IE x Ocean Born 2022

We currently have an ongoing collaboration with the Slow Fashion Lab at IE University with students working on two main challenges.

The first group is working on traceability strategies for our products and how best to generate positive consumer experiences around transparency in all the phases of our production and their impact.

The second is working to create an end of year campaign complete with communication and marketing strategy around messaging that conveys our purpose and why we are THE BEST OPTION.

Stay tuned.

Slow Fashion

IADE x Ocean Born 2022

Ocean Born Lifestyle concluded its second collaboration with IADE School of Design in Madrid. 

The objective of this competition was to get the students to develop an investigation of the brand image and the different elements that make it up and then translate this research into a design proposal that could be implemented in the Ocean Born Lifestyle collection.

Design Competition

IADE x Ocean Born 2021

Ocean Born Lifestyle launched its first project at the beginning of the year in collaboration with the IADE School of Design, where university students had to develop a design proposal based on the identity of the brand and its values. 

The results were exceptional, and you could see how young designers wanted to get involved with the cause to protect and restore the ocean.

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