Ocean Born Patron
4 x Spanish SUP Champion

Guillermo Carracedo, our Ocean Born Patron, is Spain’s four time SUP surf champion and the world top 5 champion in ISA & APP individual modality, as well as sub champion with the Spanish Surfing Federation. 

Guillermo studied medicine at the University of Salamanca but his passion for sports and the ocean, surfing in particular, set him on a different path. 

Guillermo comes from a family who, as lighthouse keepers, have always been connected to the ocean and felt responsible for it. From early childhood he was very aware of the environment, the increasing waste and the changes this was causing to the ocean and his surroundings.

His passion for surfing goes beyond competing to finding new places with challenging waves. He also considers it vital to be part of the clean-up of the oceans.

“My biggest dream would be that everyone could experience the same connection that I feel with the ocean so it would be obvious to all, why we have to protect it.”

“I'm proud to be an Ocean Born Patron because of the purpose and all the activities related with and behind the brand. I stand by your intentions for the ocean, for the surfer community and for people everywhere. That is what is really, really awesome and makes me want to do what I can to put a little bit of me into this project.”