Protecting the shark paradise in Fuvahmulah

Our friends at Ocean Culture Life (OCL) are shining a light on the acute situation of Fuvahmulah, a UNESCO biosphere listed island in the Maldives with the most incredibly diverse coral ecosystem in the country, and home to possibly the healthiest tiger shark population in the world, alongside thresher, hammerheads, silver tips, grey reef, oceanic manta rays and whale sharks.  

This majestic piece of land in the middle of the ocean is in the midst of a climate emergency and further acutely threatened by tremendous amounts of plastic waste that is both accumulated on the island and washed in from ocean currents. Fuvahmulah Marine Foundation (FMF) is working to facilitate a sustainable, long-lasting change by working with specialised experts and local authorities, while directing and overseeing projects on the ground with the local community.

You can help OCL hire a dedicated team of local staff members to stop the plastic and start protecting the incredible marine life of Fuvahmulah by donating directly or purchasing our Fuvahmulah Beach Towel.

"At Ocean Born we very much admire the work of OCL, dedicated to the conservation and preservation of marine ecosystems through supporting a portfolio of community projects, scientific research and conservation efforts around the world."