Ocean Born Lifestyle was founded in 2021 to bring more resources to the fight to save this little blue miracle we all call home.

All life on earth is under threat and the ocean has the power to heal our planet. Ocean Born Lifestyle is an endowment for the ocean with 100% of its profits invested in initiatives with a postive impact on the ocean and its marine life. 

Our vital mandate and purpose are the starting points for everything we do and filter through all our decisions. As consumers we know we must lower our consumption, prioritise quality over quantity and get to know the brands we do consume to ensure we are supporting the kind of future we want to see. This is embedded in our brand philosophy and thus our products are of good quality, made in the most planet-responsible way possible, and with literally all profits allocated to ocean clean-up and conservation initiatives.

Our values reflect those of a business started by a team of nature lovers, convinced that the urgency is such that we must put all the resources we have towards the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.
We aim to become champions within the slow fashion movement offering durable, high quality products produced in a responsible and conscientious manner.