Guillermo Carracedo

"The feeling you get surfing inside a tube, focused on keeping your balance while the water splashes and the wave engulfs you, is literally indescribable."

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Fernando Escribano

"My goal is to brew a zero carbon beer. A beer from the ocean for the ocean. An achievable challenge but I still have a lot to learn to bring it about."

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Shark Paradise - Fuvahmulah

Our friends at Ocean Culture Life (OCL) are shining a light on the acute situation of Fuvahmulah, a UNESCO biosphere listed island in the Maldives with the most incredibly diverse coral ecosystem in the country, and home to possibly the healthiest tiger shark population in the world, alongside thresher, hammerheads, silver tips, grey reef, oceanic manta rays and whale sharks. conservation efforts around the world. 

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NO IFS OR BUTTS is our campaign to bring attention to one of the last acceptable forms of plastic littering: the cigarette butt. We aim to make people aware of the grave damage they do to our ocean and its marine life and how easy it is to avoid it. Cigarette butts are plastic. Don't flick it, bin it. There should be no ifs or butts when it comes to ocean health.