Ocean Born Foundation's mission is to accelerate existing ocean clean-up and conservation initiatives. Our funding comes from our brands Ocean Beer and Ocean Born Lifestyle which serve as an endowment for the ocean whereby 100% of the profits go towards the mission.

Moby Mummy

Ocean Born is co-funding a research project led by scientists at Tursiops to study an area north of Menorca, where they suspect sperm whales have chosen as a new breeding and nursery area. Knowledge is key for conservation and, armed with data, scientists will be able to advise the authorities whether we need to create a Marine Protected Area for the protection of this endangered species.

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Sea Legacy

We are proud to support Sea Legacy, the global network of communicators and photographers dedicated to raising awareness about protecting and caring for the ocean and generating the resources and pathways needed for a better future. In addition, we are exploring possibilities around blue carbon off setting mechanisms.

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Given that 65% of the world’s population has no access to a sewered toilet network, 80% of faecal sludge is dumped untreated each year into rivers and oceans. This dumping contributes to high levels of water contamination and to global warming to the tune of nearly 5% of global emissions from non-CO2 GHG. To tackle this, Ocean Born has invested in Loowatt, a cutting-edge producer of off-grid, waterless, chemical-free toilets with closed-loop treatment plants transforming human waste into electricity and fertiliser.  

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Maritime transport is a massive pollutant that is constantly searching for more efficient, economical, and emission-reducing propulsion systems. We have invested in the disruptive technology that bound4blue is working on to make shipping a cleaner industry by offering environmentally and economically sustainable technologies, which in turn have a positive impact on our ocean and society.

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Clean Ups

In addition to working to prevent pollution in the ocean, the Ocean Born Foundation supports and organises clean-ups on beaches and parks to restore the habitat as well as stop the rubbish from entering the ocean. We have done this in Portugal, Spain and Sweden.